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Katalis is a multidisciplinary team who focuses on the future 
mobility solutions, lifestyle technology and automotive design. 
The company consists of Gunanjar Barokah, Julian Palapa, 
Imam Santoso, Bimokumoro Pariwondo and Joseph Sinaga 
(Joseph Sinaga resigned in early 2021). The founders met and 
made friends in a motorcycle community since 2018.

Along with the electric motorcycle competition held by the 
Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) in 2020, Katalis 
launched debut bike entitled KATALIS EV. 500. 
The bike takes the visual design foundation of a typical WWII 
fighter aircraft and mix-up with the future technology of 
electric vehicle.

In June 2020 they collaborated with French automotive gallery, 
TheArsenale. Retro-Futuristic visual of The Katalis EV.1000 
TheArsenale Special Edition gained more international attention 
and becomes “Top 10 Motorcycle and Scooter Designs of 2020” 
as it was released by Designboom. 

In late 2020, they released the third product, EV-1K/56, collaborated with Machine56. The collaboration called #reversedfuturism, exploring the tension between the past and the future and between alienating and empowering technology effects.

In January 2021, the company released a mini foldable electric scooter, they named it Spacebar, which was produced in collaboration with Kamengski. The tiny scooter inspired by button function in keyboard which opens space in between texts, it is hoped to be able to open spaces which was previously not reachable by riders. 


The company is committed to keep innovating, they have a vision that more people are shifting from fossil fuel vehicles to renewable energy vehicles in the future and it will not come in an instant. The use of electric vehicles should be transmitted more and more to the Indonesian people. They hope they can be “the agent of change” also inspire generation-z to develop mobility solutions in the future.

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, currently Katalis Company has its main office in Fatmawati, South Jakarta, a design studio, fabrication and assembling workshop in Cibubur, West Java.



Gunanjar Barokah

Chief Executive officer

Julian palapa

Principal Designer


Chief Marketing Officer

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Deer Against a Red Wall
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Deer Against a Red Wall

bimokumoro pariwondo

Chief Research Officer

faristama aryasa

Chief Financial Officer

hari indra yaso